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Clutter isn’t just in your home, attic, garage or office.  Clutter is also in your mind and distracts you from doing the amazing things you’re meant to do.  So, clearing out clutter, both internally and externally, opens you up to the wonders that await you.  And who knows what you’ll discover in the process?  Maybe it’s a new job, more money, a new relationship and definitely peace of mind.  You have nothing to lose except some clutter! – Katrina Mayer

We all have those junk drawers or junk rooms that we hate to look at.  Silver Platter believes that your home should be your haven and we will help to create a space that is harmonious and welcoming.

Perhaps you aren’t a clutter-bug, but you just want a change – a refreshed look – a visual facelift.  We offer an alternative to expensive furniture shops by sourcing furniture, fixtures and accessories at very affordable prices and usually on the second-hand market.

Beautiful, bright spaces and the proper item placement can create an inviting impression and can aid in reducing your stress and improving your quality of life.

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